Spark is an initiative by the young members of the Lok Raj Sangathan. It is a forum to discuss problems faced by us youth – in the fields of education, employment, culture, and all aspects of our lives, to understand the real causes and work towards solutions. 
There are innumerable problems facing the youth of today. They seem insurmountable if we have to deal with them individually. However these same problems can be solved if we join forces! We have seen this in our personal lives. The same is true when we talk about the problems facing the country and in fact the world!
We are keen in understanding the past so as to draw lessons for today. What was our country like in the past? What is it that our martyrs and other patriots fought for, and where are we today vis-à-vis their dreams? 

When science and technology have made such giant strides, why do billions of people in the world stay hungry? Why is there unemployment? Why does 15-20 years of study not assure us of secure jobs? We could go on and on…
These questions need to be asked and answered. Spark is an effort in that direction. It is a part of the regular activities of the youth of Lok Raj Sangathan. We have many other programs in that direction – doing research collectively, preparing and giving presentations, making short films, conducting collective study, and so on. 
Spark is an effort to unite the youth of the country cutting across religious, caste, ideological, and cultural differences. To forge a united struggle to tackle the problems facing the youth and society. It is a forum where irrespective of your ideology and affiliations you can share your opinions, raise concerns and pour your heart out. Let us break the barriers of language. Write in the language you are comfortable in!

We do not claim to know all the answers. What we strongly believe in is that no single leader can provide us solutions. But, collectively WE can ignite the Spark that will kindle the flame and illuminate our path towards a bright future!

Spark is Your Voice! See how you can contribute in diverse ways to make it strong!