Bihar mein Students ka Haahaakaar!!!



Have you heard of the 100 days action plan of the Indian Railways??  One of the steps under this is to give 150 passenger trains and 150 railway stations to the private companies to operate. The privatization of Indian Railways at this super speed has put the students preparing for sarkari naukri in Railways in great worry. With this privatization of Indian Railways, the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) will stop recruitment. Privatization will also lead to increase in duty hours, decrease in salaries, negligence towards safety and various other forms of oppression of rail workers. 

Being worried about the disappearance of one more sarakari job opportunity, around 6000 – 7000 students preparing for competitive exams as well as from various student organizations like All India Students Federation (AISF) from Bihar came forward to oppose this move of the Indian Railways. It all started in Sasaram with a road block. On 25th Oct, after police attacked the students, they went to the Sasaram Railway station and halted 20 trains that were going to Mughalsarai from 10:30 am to 5 pm. The students were so firm on their demands that the collector had to come when the police failed. Thereafter tear gas was used against the unarmed students.


Many of the students know that privatization is clearly not in their favour and the government too is not doing anything for the future of youth. By privatization the profit of ultra-rich (Ambani, Tata, Birla.. ) will keep on rising, while on the other hand the majority of the population will become poorer. The living conditions will deteriorate further. The youth will be trapped in Roti and Makan struggle. Caste divisions are used so that youth do not unite against the exploitation of poor.

For 100 percent success in the fight against privatization we need unity of all who are against privatization. Only students who are preparing for the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) exams cannot defeat rail privatization. This is one of the biggest problems and to solve this every worker, every student, and every employee irrespective of whether they work in Railways or not should come ahead. All of us have a connection with railways!! 

Railways, the biggest employer of our country should be saved from destruction not just because our dear friends should get a good permanent job but also because every common man that uses the Railways should get the best facilities at subsidised rates. We are the taxpayers, so doesn’t that mean Railway should work for us? How can a public service be handed over to a private company and the safety and future of majority of our people be put at risk?

We the youth should unite against every privatization. We should support the employees working there and raise our voice against any action that is not in favour of the majority of the Indian people.